Friday, January 1, 2010

2010...Year of Change

Change is my goal. Not a resolution. Resolutions are made to be broken. Change is something I need to find. 2009 was not the worst year of the aughts (ohs?), but can you blame a girl for wanting more? I have had high expectations of weight loss and fitness, yet I have not come anywhere close to achieving them. There are so many things I want to do that I have not even come close to doing. So for 2010 I make change my goal. A change in my eating behavior. A change in my fitness. A change in my thinking. I know this is something I can do. I wanna make the start of the oh-ten decade a great one.

I have been talking about how I want to do a triathlon for nearly 3 years now. This is my year to finally come through. I have a date picked out and I have people who are in on it with me. I can't back out if I have a buddy counting on me. I also want to run in the Freep Press Marathon. Obviously not the whole thing, but the half. These are my two main feats for the year. The first will happen in June and the second in October. I have a training plan and I am ready to go. My lovely husband was so kind to get another gym membership at a gym with a pool so I have no excuses. So here is my tentative plan:

March 14: Shenanigans and Shamrocks 5K
April 10: Martian Marathon 5K
May 1: Willow Duathlon
June 13: Sprint Triathlon
July 11: Muddy Buddy
August 28: 10k (Haven't found one yet though)
September 11: Tawas Olympic Triathlon
October 17: Detroit Half Marathon

So there it all is in writing.

Happy 2010


Deb said...

I'll be cheering you on Stacy,,My goal is 50 pounds this year,,i lost 40 last year,,kept it off. Swimming every other day...we can do it girl!!!!!

Mark Golding said...

I stumbled across your post and am a stranger to your circumstance but all I can say is ANYTHING GOOD is possible in and with God. Just pray for strength, even get on your knees and cry for it. Not that God enjoys seeing his creation grovel but it is in this place of humility where the good and the great bow down to conquer. Jesus set the finest example ever of bowing down in tears only to rise again triumphant!
You can do it... and I am with you
God loves you