Friday, March 19, 2010

Wow...just Wow.

So today was a gorgeous day. I decided to take advantage of it by taking the bike out for a quick spin. I set up a babysitter for the boy and took the girl to dance (2 hours of classes on Fridays!). I also invited one of the other dance moms to come with me. We like to call her Coach. She is this amazing marathon runner. Like can run 14 miles in a day barely breaking a sweat. Anyhow she has a few triathlons under her belt and is planning on doing an ironman next year. So in order to make myself better I gotta hang with those people that are better than me, right? So we went to the park and did a 9 mile ride. Didn't have time for more and the whole trail had not been opened yet anyhow. At any rate I pushed myself extra hard. It was a good ride for the first time out this season. But the best part was about 10 minutes ago when she texted me and said that she had a hard time keeping up with me. I know running is her main thing but hearing that from someone who has enough fitness to qualify for Boston and run an ultrmarathon (50 miles) last year made me feel really good. Like one of the best compliments I have gotten.

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