Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vacation all I really want is...

Two more days of work. Thank goodness. As much as I love my job, I am ready for a break. Things have been kind of intense lately. I am feeling some pressure to get things done and I am not quite sure if those things are possible. But I am going to do what I can to get it all done. Deadlines....well maybe not so much. But the work will get finished. I could go into the details but really, it is boring unless you get all geeked out by inventory and cost savings.

So onto my health issues. Or lack thereof. My labs are normal, which has not been confirmed by the MD but being in the hospital system it is not too difficult to get a hold of your labs. So no mono, and my blood work is pretty good. But I am still feeling tired. The doc is probably going to want to test me for sleep apnea. It does run in my family and my family, thought not super skinny, are basically all on CPAP machines. So we will see what happens when he finally gets back to me.

My eating has been nothing but a hot mess. I know I am screwing it up but I don't stop. I procrastinate. I say I will start Monday. Then Monday comes and goes and I plan for the next week. I need to get up and get active. And get out of the house. I am slowly doing it. I can only use the excuse of mourning the loss of my racing plans for the summer for so long. It's time to get up and at em. And stop making excuses. Maybe on Monday :)

This weekend we are going camping. We spent a bit more money than we should have on a new gigantic tent. At least it will be big enough to live in if we are foreclosed on. That is looking like more of a possibility every day. Sad how we spent the last 5 years struggling for this to not happen, only to reach the near end of the chapter 13 and lose the house anyhow. But whatever happens, happens. I can only control so much, and this is one of those things that is out of my hands.

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