Monday, September 6, 2010

Well I am updating at a rate of once per month...

So the summer is winding down. The kids are back to school tomorrow. And I start my NEW JOB!!!!!! Well not totally new, but a management job nonetheless. I am in the same department and office but I have basically switch positions with my old supervisor. He is not upset about the switch (or so he says) so I am now da boss and I got a huge pay raise. So yeah big changes. I am freaked out but excited at the same time.

Weight has been nothing but a huge hassle. Up and down the same 20 pounds. But I did accomplish some goals. Firstly I did my first (and second) triathlons. All I can say is that it was awesome. And I did not come in last place. Bottom of the pack but not the very bottom :) I also broke my personal record for the 5k, while wearing my prom dress (yes, the actual prom dress from high school). I wore it over running clothes and it was still too big. So that felt pretty good.

Anyhow yeah. That is the summer in a nutshell. Tomorrow starts school and the busy schedule of dance 5 days a week and football 5 days as well. Time management is going to be key and a huge challenge. I am hoping I can work it out.