Sunday, November 18, 2012

Some things change...Some things stay the same.

Two years? Really? It just took me nearly that much time to clean all the spam comments off this puppy from my hiatus.

So two years ago I left with a giant cliff hanger of gaining 50 pounds and feeling like a total failure. At least one of those things still stands true. I have managed to drop the 50 with the help of Topamax (the supermodel drug) which not only kills the appetite but also makes me dumb as a box of rocks sometimes. Usually I can't remember common words or misuse a word here or there. It would be more worth it if I could drop another 50 pounds but at this point I am going to take what I can get.

Finances still suck. But at least hubs is working and acting more like an adult than child.We appreciate that.

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Therese said...

If you ever come back, I will read you. I love blogs that aren't about how great everything is.